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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." -Mahatma Gandhi-

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Pet Proofing Your Homeóby HomeAdvisor

Home is a place where every life should be safe and protected from potential threats. When family members canít take steps to protect themselves, it is up to those who can to ensure their safety. For many, pets are considered a part of the family, and as with infants or small children, they must be protected from things that can harm them. The best way to do that is to pet-proof the home

Pet Proofing Your Homeóby ADT Home Safety Center.

Here is another comprehensive guide by ADT Home Safety Center for pet proofing your home.


Keeping Pets Safe in the Home HouseHold

Few things fill our hearts with joy like pets, but there is a flipside to this Ė we worry about the furry members of our family just as much as we do our own children.† There are certain things that should always be taking into consideration when animals share a house, and this guide will discuss how you can ensure your home is devoid of danger.

Complete Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Home


A home should be a safe and comfortable retreat for every member of the household ó and that includes any four-legged ones that share this space as well. Pet owners have the added responsibility of making sure their pets can have a safe environment at home, and this is particularly true for those with puppies and kittens who are naturally inquisitive.

This guide will look at each room of the home, as well as outside yards. It will review potential problem areas and how owners can better ďpet-proofĒ each. This complete guide will help pet owners determine which indoor and outdoor plants are toxic, why appliance and window cords can be hazardous to pets and how to go about making renovations to make a home even more pet-friendly.

Enjoy the peace of mind of making, and keeping, your home safe for your cat or dog.

Pet Care in Condos and Apartments Written by by Brian Enright

Pets are a common and beloved addition to most American households. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), of households with pets, 35 percent have dogs, 30.4 percent own cats, and 3.1 percent have birds. People with companion animals live in houses, apartments, and condos. When a person lives in an apartment or condo, their pet lacks the space that animals living in larger dwellings may have. To prevent potential problems from arising, pet owners should put careful thought into choosing the right type of pet to suit their lifestyle and their living space. In addition, a pet owner must also meet the animal's needs in terms of providing them with the proper care.

Keeping Pets Safe in the Home† HomeGuides† June 2019


Keeping your pets healthy and happy extends beyond getting them veterinary care when they are unwell. It is important that you look after every aspect of your petís wellbeing and this includes ensuring your home is a safe environment for them to be in. If you have never had pets before it may surprise you that some everyday items are very dangerous because pets are willing to chew, eat and mess around with them. Think of your pet like a small childÖ Everyday objects quickly become risks or choking hazards.† According to American Pet Products Association, there are an estimated 78 million dogs and over 85 million cats owned in America. Keeping our furry friends safe and happy starts at home, use this guide to identify common hazards and put measures in place to ensure they are kept out of harmís way.

How to Move Your Pet to a New Home

Direct Energy

Whether you are moving around the corner or across the country, your moving day checklist should include how to make moving as safe and easy as possible for your pets.  The chaos of packing up your home and moving into a new one can be just as stressful for our furry (or scaly) family members as it is for us.  The unexpected activity in their home and being introduced to an unfamiliar environment can cause your pets a lot of anxiety. The following tips will help you prepare your pets before, during and after the move to ensure that the transition is as stress-free as possible for everyone, especially your pets!

18 Easy Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home (+ Printables)


We love our pets like our own children, and theyíre a major part of the familyóso donít forget to eliminate their exposure to allergens as well. Your pet may also bring extra allergens into your house as they shed hair and dander, so you may want to take extra precautions when allergy-proofing your home if you have pets.† Find the complete allergy-proofing guide here.


Posted on May 11, 2018

Everyone loves to give and receive flowers, but not all are safe to all the members of your home. The ASPCA lists 407 plants that are toxic to cats, but most donít cause problems because theyíre either not encountered often or cats donít seem to have a preference for eating them. As anyone who owns a cat can attest, cats are quite finicky eaters, but are attracted to lilies for reasons unknown. This can often have tragic consequences as lilies are very toxic to cats. While the exact toxin has yet to be identified, it is so potent that merely ingesting some pollen or drinking the water that the lilies were stored in is enough to kill a cat within a few days.

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day

JULY 15, 2019

Learn how to keep your pets safe with these tips from American Humane


On National Pet Fire Safety Day, itís important to remember to include your furry family members into your emergency plan should a fire ever occur and Fido needs to find a way out. Each year, more than 500,000 pets are affected by house fires, with 1,000 house fires started by pets themselves. Itís no fun to think about, but itís necessary to take a few minutes and make sure you are doing all you can to ensure your pets get out safely.

Guide to Clinical Trials for Pets!

Policy Lab

Not all clinical trials are done in humans. Just like people, cats and dogs can develop diseases like cancer, diabetes, depression, and canine or feline-specific conditions that may require treatment. To develop and test medications for these conditions veterinarians conduct clinical trials. Clinical trials for pets are different from animal studies because the procedures being tested are exclusively designed to treat animal conditions. Sometimes clinical trials are also set up to measure the positive effect that pets have on the daily lives of humans.

Preparing Your Pet For A Natural Disaster Ė 10 Steps You Can Take To Make Sure Your Pet Is Safe

July 21, 2020July 23, 2019 by Madison Guthrie


Recently, I made a move to California and found myself smack in the middle of two back-to-back earthquakes.†† The events got me thinking. What if the next time an earthquake hits, itís much larger? What if Iím not home with my dog when it happens? What if Iím forced to evacuate on the drop of a dime?† Are my dog and I prepared for a natural disaster? Are you and your dog prepared for a natural disaster?

Donít worry. I talked with some experts, and here is what I found out about natural disasters and pet preparedness. Keep reading!

The New Pet Owners GuideóHealth, Safety and Savings

It costs, on average, more than a hundred dollars per month to own a pet, with dogs costing approximately $139.80 per month and cats costing roughly $92.98 per month. But while taking care of animals can be costly, with expenses from veterinary visits to regularly reoccurring costs, like food and litter, the positive impact pets have on one's mental health is often worth it! Not to mention, they're pretty cute!

If you're trying to decide whether or not to get a pet, this ultimate pet guide will help you organize your costs and gain a deeper understanding of the commitment of pet ownership. Use this guide to learn all about pet care. Tips for how to take care of pets include everything from buying the right leash to being better prepared during a disaster. There are many things to know before getting a dog, cat, bird, or other type of pet, and this guide will help you plan ahead!


If you're considering owning a cat, dog, or other kind of pet, it's important to understand that the animal's welfare will be the owner's - your - responsibility. Pets have a hierarchy of needs just like humans, with biological needs as the baseline, like food, water, and sleep. Social needs, like force-free training, playing, and emotional support are closer to the top. Emotional security is important, but animal care starts with those most obvious needs first.

Dog Safety While Camping, Hunting, and Fishing: A Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Eberlestock†††† July 23rd, 2020


Manís best friend can enhance your outdoor experience tremendously, as well as simply offer you companionship. The information below is designed to give you actionable advice, tips, and various things to consider in order to keep both you and your dog safe while outdoors.

First-Aid For Dogs : Prepare For The Unexpected†† Dr. Libby Guise† FLUENT WOOF


Your fur baby is an important family member, and you do everything you can to keep them healthy and content. Even with the best of care, your pooch can have an illness or injury that requires emergency care. Thatís why it helps to know some basic first-aid for dogs. Then, when your special pal needs immediate attention, youíll be ready to provide support until you can get Fido to a veterinarian.

As a vet and dog owner, I can tell you how valuable first-aid can be. When an owner takes measures to help keep their pup calm and stable in an emergency, it makes our job easier.

Keeping Pets Safe in the Home† Home Sage

Post Author: AndyPost published:December 29, 2020† Post Category:Boilers


Forget Smart Home technology and expensive furniture Ė the best addition you can put in any home is a pet.†

Studies have shown that the bond between pets and their owners have significant health benefits for humans including increasing fitness, lowering stress and even decreasing depression and loneliness.

But a pet is a big commitment and having one requires a little forethought to ensure that your home is secure enough so that they will be safe even when you are not watching them.† Animals can be extremely curious so it is crucial to have a safe home environment that is safe for them to explore.

Pets and hot cars: What you need to know†† by Amie Kesler, Figo July 1, 2019


You and your furry friend have been cooped up all winter. Now that summerís here, itís time to enjoy the warm sunny weather!

You might be tempted to bring your dog with you on errands to get them out of the house, but that may not be the best thing for their health. Think twice about taking your pet with on car rides if you have to leave them in the car for any reason. In a matter of minutes, the heat inside the car can reach hazardous levels.

A Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Home for a Foster Rescue Animal

Posted by Ryan Fitzgerald on Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at 1:41pm.† UpHome


If you love animals and want to support your local pet shelter or animal rescue group, consider fostering a rescue animal. By providing a safe place to grow, you could play a crucial role in a foster petís new and happy life. Not only is this a fun and rewarding experience for you and your family, but fostering allows shelters to open up more space for other animals. If fostering sounds like a good option for you, there are some things to consider beforehand. Read on to learn more about pet safety tips and pet-proofing your home for your foster pet!

Dog Theft Awareness: How to keep your dog safe whilst out and about†† GroomArts Academy


A comprehensive guide on dog theft and best practices on how to protect your dog


It has been reported that there has been a 250% increase in dog theft in the past year from 172 dogs stolen in 2019 to 465 dog thefts reported in 2020. Recent news has also highlighted that dog owners have become more scared of taking their pet for a walk in the last year amid fears of 'dognapping'.

In light of this spike and the rising problem nationwide, GroomArts Academy have created a detailed guide with helpful information on how to keep your dog safe from pet theft. The guide outlines:

Why do people steal dogs?

How to prevent your dog from being stolen

Are stolen pets ever found and returned?

Current legislation for dog theft in the UK

What are the most stolen dog breeds?

What should you do if your dog goes missing?

The top locations for dog theft

Help! My pet ingested one of my pills


Here's what pet owners should know about toxic medications for pets and what to do if they accidentally ingest them


By SingleCare Team | Sep. 16, 2021Medically reviewed by Gerardo Sison, Pharm.D. 


Pets may be part of our familiesóbut when it comes to medication, itís important to remember that cats and dogs arenít miniature humans. Over-the-counter drugs that are safe for the smallest children can be fatal if ingested by pets.

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Safety for Children and Pets††† ASHLEY | JAN 3, 2022


If you have a pool, itís likely the beloved centerpiece of your yard and garden. Not only is it beautiful, but itís also a place where you and your family can gather for fun, spend time together, and make lasting memories. However, your pool is also one of the most dangerous parts of your home, especially for your children and pets. 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 14. Almost 4,000 people die of drowning annually, which amounts to 11 deaths each day. 


While there isnít much concrete information available about fatal drownings among pets, anecdotal evidence suggests that a similar number of pets may suffer the same fate each year. And this doesnít account for the many non-fatal dangers your pool poses to your pets and children, including slips, falls, hazardous equipment, and toxic chemicals ó all of which can result in severe or permanent injuries.


As a parent and pool owner, itís crucial to understand these risks so you can mitigate them and keep everyone safe. These problems are preventable, as long as you take some time to learn about pool safety, secure your yard, and educate your kids and pets. That way, you and your loved ones can enjoy your time by the pool without stress or worry.

How to Help Your Senior Pet Navigate Aging

By Jessica Brody, February 2022


Like us humans, our pets require special care and consideration when they reach their senior years. Getting older isnít easy for anyone! Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to help your senior pet navigate the aging process as smoothly as possible. Paying attention to their changing needs in terms of diet, exercise, veterinary care, and home environment will enable you to adapt your home and life to keep your furry friend comfortable. Here are some tips from Companion Connection to help you care for your senior pet!

Top 10 Deadliest Pet Poisons


ASPCApro†† October 2021


Certain substances have a more sinister reputation with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) staff. These particularly dangerous substances most frequently claim the lives of pets.

Download, print, and share the Top 10 Deadliest Pet Toxins List with your clients or adopters so they can determine if their pets may be at risk.


Since most of these poisonings can be prevented with awareness, read on to learn what these substances are, where they lurk, and how to advise your clients to keep their companions safe.

A Guide to Pet Safety During Home Renovations and Remodeling


†Five Star Painting


From tearing down walls and hiring professional painters to lifting carpets and removing nails, you'll likely have several things going on in your home during a renovation. The last thing youíll want to worry about is where your pet is. Young, mischievous, or startled pets could easily begin barking, get into things they shouldnít, or run out the door. A home renovation can be stressful for both you and your pet.

In order to help alleviate that stress, consider the advice outlined below.


Smart Technology Toolkit for Managing Pet Health and Wellness Ė Verizon


Americans love pets. An American Pet Products Association survey found that 67% of American households own at least one pet. From fancy pet food and elaborate dog parks, to sitters and groomers, there are many ways to show your pet you care. For many this includes buying the latest piece of smart technology for pets. With a smartphone or tablet on-hand, you can use technology ranging from smart collars, trackers, and other wearable pieces to smart food dispensers and pet cameras. Each of these devices serves to improve the quality of life for both pets and owners.