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This site is dedicated to our loving QT and KC (below).  They blessed our lives with so much love, laughter and wisdom. Jerry & Ellette





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Bone...want bone...Charlie the min-pin.

Charlie (right)  fought liver disease as long as he could, then he just had to tell his Mommy goodbye.  No suffering, just love and kisses all the way to the Rainbow Bridge.  Janet

Smiling Len.

Len (above) was part of me; not just my guide dog, but my best friend,.  He shall always have a special place in my heart.


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." -Mahatma Gandhi-

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A donation has been made in loving memory of Lillian I. Hutchison (below), mother of the founder of Companion Connection by her dear friend, Judy Lanahan.

Camelot (above) was a once-in-a-lifetime friend for me.  I miss him so very much.  Sheila

I will greatly miss my sweet little man.  Rest in peace, Nickel.  Love, Brian

Merlin (right) was the official greeter at the cat shelter.  He would greet everyone with loving licks and rubs.  I miss him so.  Ellette

Our sweet Mason (left) developed cancer and went to the Rainbow Bridge to meet his beloved guardian  Blane who had to give him up due to his own battle with cancer.  Rest in Peace, Ellette and Connie

Sweet Jorja (above) lost her battle with kidney disease this past winter (2/2011).  I shall miss her jumping on my back and nuzzling my neck.  Her purrs will remain in my heart forever.  Love, Ellette

Oh my dear Misty (right). I can still hear your purring.  What a lady you were and shall ever be.  A dignified friend always.  With love, Ellette.

“Sweet Dreams to Our Caroline

(2004 – 2011)”


                Brian & Donna

Charlie had a wonderful life with his family until a careless driver ran him down while on a leashed walk!  Love Janet

Princess (2009—2013)

Oh how hard this is to tell you goodbye for now.  It was a shock to lose you and I don’t know how or when  I’ll get over this.  I will miss your daily loving and silly mannerisms.   Rest in Peace my friend.  You will be missed.  Love, Ellette and Jerry

Ace was taken from us way too early in his life—he was only 8 years old when Mast Cell cancer took over his body.  While his mood was unpredictable, we loved him so very much and our hearts ache for his presence.  Love Ellette and Jerry

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you one of our adopted cats, Tuff, unexpectedly ran quickly out of the house and ran across the street into a neighbor's yard.  He got under the car and then… the neighbor’s dog got to him.  Tuff grew up around dogs and didn’t realize his life was in danger.  He passed peacefully in his person’s arms… and he was purring.

Aquitas was so depressed that her family had to give her up.  We tried all sorts of special food and love and care… she continued to decline.  We lost her, but she lives on at the Rainbow Bridge and will be united again.

Astra was rescued as a stray in Elgin.  She was extremely thin, had internal infection, anemia and thyroid issues.  Placed in a loving foster home and all the best foods and love, she was happy.   But her body couldn’t heal.  We are so sad to have lost this beautiful gift from God.  V

Winston had found his purrfect home.  There couldn’t have been more love and attention for this boy.  He had the best life a kitty could dream of before cancer took him to the Rainbow Bridge where he waits for Grace and Arnie.  R.I.P. sweet boy.

Dakota had been Andy’s loving companion for more than 12 years.  Having him as his buddy while growing into adulthood himself, Andy has found this loss leaving a huge hole in his heart.  Sweet memories of Dakota and the good days will help Andy move forward with his life.  Dakota’s grandpa made a significant donation to Companion Connection in Dakota's name.  V

Oh my dear sweet were so gentle and so loving.  Not fair to have lost you so young.  Romp and play freely now—no pains, no limp.  Just freedom of heart!  V

One of our adopted kitties has gone to the Rainbow Bridge 2/16/2017—Sweet Angel was born September 24, 2002 and was adopted by Clare Tharp July 2012.  For five blissful years these two were the best of companions.  Clare referred to Angel as her “therapy kitty” as she always brought a smile to Clare’s face. 


From Clare:  “She was really an Angel!”

Another adopted furbaby has gone to the Rainbow Bridge -

Tookie was more than just a pet, she was my friend, my companion, the center of my universe.  She was a very unique kitty.  She had the most expressive face and soft mew.  When I sat on the couch watching TV, she would rest her head on my leg and fall asleep.  Of course, I couldn’t move for hours because I couldn’t bring myself to move and wake her.  Tooke gave as much love as she received, and she helped me through some very tough times.  I will miss and love her always.   Bob S

You Will Always Be My Best Friend


A Loving Tribute to all Companion Animals by

Amy Luwis, Cartoonist * Animal Cruelty Avenger

Co-Founder *

Please Adopt, Don’t Shop



 “Don’t worry Deuce, everything is going to be ok, I’m with you. I’ll help you cross the Rainbow Bridge. There will be so many friends when you get there. You’ll see KC, EZ, JD, BJ, QT and Ace waiting for you. You’ll be well again, your legs will be strong, you’ll be able to run and play with all of your friends. You will feel no more pain.”

Love, Dad & Mom (Jerry & Ellette)

Great Teacher and Great Friend.  Run free sweet Nico. 

The Pet Loss Center


You reluctantly let him share the bed with you because you couldn’t put up with his crying that first night. “Just this once,” you said. That was many nights ago.

She shredded the curtains during a long work day and you decided the house somehow looked better without them.

No matter how heavy the day hangs on your shoulders, when you come through the door, they never fail to shower you with unconditional love.

And one day – the saddest day – they leave you.

For pet parents, this is the reality of loving an animal, their inevitable passing. It is something no one understands better than we do at The Pet Loss Center. What sets us apart is a philosophy. It goes beyond typical services. It’s a vision of how pet death and after-loss care should be done.