Companion Connection

Our Supporters

David Madden, Bastrop, TX

Diana Hanson, Leander, TX

Elizabeth Johnson of Rockdale, TX

Elizabeth Pheil, Llano, TX

Emily Hutchison,  Austin, TX

Erin Boyle, Austin, TX

Gregory and Bonnie Long of Elgin, TX

Holt Hartgrove of Point Venture, TX

Ida Beauchamp, Elgin, TX

Jack Oertli, Elgin, TX

Jackie Larson, Round Rock, TX

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." -Mahatma Gandhi-

We are a non profit

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We would never accomplish near what we do without the support of friends and neighbors.  The people below have generously donated to help Companion Connection help the animals in need.

LinusChanceElla Rose fka DustyLittle Grey; feral kittyOJ - great feral kitty

Many thanks to all who have donated time, money, food, supplies and love!

Adele Noel, Austin, TX

Aletha Krebs of Elgin, TX

Alison Castro, Lexington, TX

Angela Caras, Austin, TX

Betty Remmers, Bastrop, TX

Bill Stevens, Smithville, TX

Bob Slenz of College Station, TX

Brian and Ellen Wood, Austin, TX

Brian Wachhaus, Elgin, TX

Carol Malcomb, Austin, TX

Carol Richards of Austin, TX

Charlie Bannister of Wills Point, TX

Cheryl Schneider of Georgetown, TX

Clare Tharp of Elgin, TX

Dale Turner, Manor, TX

Dave Woodruff, Austin, TX

Kristen Halverson, Bastrop, TX

Leslie Lewis, Austin, TX

Lily Wright, Elgin, TX

Lori K. Smith, Austin, TX

Lori Smith of Austin, TX

Lorraine Mahoney, Elgin, TX

Marisa Clark, Cherokee Village, AR

Martha Hardwick Hofmeister, Dallas, TX

Melinda Scholton of Elgin, TX

Michelle Elias, Bronx, NY

Ron & Sherri Weishaar, Fulshear, TX

Sarah Flood, Elgin, TX

Sharon O’Shea of Elgin, TX

Shelli Omerod, Austin, TX

Stacey Buchannan, Austin, TX

Stephen Falk, Austin, TX

Susan Ritch, LaGrange, TX

Therese Pocrnick, Denver, CO

Trevor & Ashley Taylor, Damon, TX

Victoria Yarbrough, Bastrop, TX

Virtual CFO, Austin, TX

Luke wants YOU!

James & Perry Borron, Bastrop, TX

James Burk, DDS of Pflugerville, TX

Jean Allen, Elgin, TX

Josette Echazarreta, Elgin, TX

Judy Lanahan of Austin, TX

Kathryn Goldie, Australia

Kathy Cooke-Martin of Rockdale, TX

Kaye Rogers, Austin, TX

Kimberly Wisner Benson, Elgin, TX

Lucila Garza, Austin, TX

Meredith Wells, Denver CO

Mike Huffman of Houston, TX

Mike Korth of Austin, TX

P.M. Colvin, Elgin, TX

Peggy Hagan, Houston, TX

Pollye Hofstedt/Gertrud Everly of Elgin, TX

Richard A. Eisner, Bronx, NY

Robert (Bob) Slentz, College Station, TX

Robert B Wood, Pflugerville, TX

Rodney Chestnut of Point Venture, TX

Ron Montgomery of Rockdale, TX