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How Pets Can Prevent Substance Abuse

People used to think that substance abuse in adolescents and teenagers was a direct result of bad parenting—that kids who ended up using were not properly supervised, or that their parents used. While some may still believe this, others have realized that no matter what you do, or how strict you are with your children, some will end up using anyway. Why is this? And what can you do to prevent your children from smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or using drugs? One way to help curb the possibility of children using alcohol or drugs is by getting a pet.

How does smoking affect your pet?

Are you concerned about your pet being exposed to secondhand smoke? If your answer is “Yes,” then you’ve come to the right place; this guide will help you ensure that they live a happy and healthy life.


Several recent studies show that tobacco and secondhand smoke, are not only hazardous to other people around you, but also to your beloved pets. In fact, secondhand smoke from tobacco cigarettes has been associated with different types of cancers in canines as well as felines. Moreover, several allergies and eye and skin diseases and respiratory problems in dogs, cats, and birds have been associated with secondhand smoke.

Other Important Links Regarding Smoking, Vaping and Your Pet


Quit Smoking Community


Vaping—A Health Guide  —Health Regulation, Benefits, Dangers, Fun Facts


Vaping Around Pets:  Are E-Cigs Toxic for them?


Suggested by a lung cancer survivor:

Mesothelioma and The Dangers of Smoking

Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive and highly terminal cancer caused by asbestos.  It commonly affects adults, but in some cases can affect children and pets.

Need Help with your Addiction?


Caring for and supporting both individuals and the families of those suffering from addiction is a job we take very seriously.  

We operate a free advice helpline and website called ‘Primrose Lodge’


“At Primrose Lodge, we believe the success of our treatment programmes is intrinsically tied to our staff. Therefore, we have invested quite a bit in recruiting and retaining some of the best professionals in the business. From therapists and counsellors to support staff, the Primrose Lodge team has the knowledge and experience to effectively treat each and every client. What’s more, many of our staff have undergone recovery of their own, giving them a unique perspective that enables them to understand what each of our clients is going through.”

UK Rehab:


Addiction is a disease and recognised as such by the British Medical Council. Addiction reaches into every geographical, social and economic corner of the UK. Rehab centres offer the only realistic chance of a cure for addicts addicted to any drug, substance or abusive, compulsive behaviour. For the vast majority of addicts, recovery and rehabilitation will only be possible with professional, medical and therapeutic support at one of the specialist UK rehab clinics and detox centres; overcoming addiction alone is a rarity.


UK Rehab Helper was established with one goal: to offer advice and support to addicts and their families and friends. We work with a wide network of UK rehab treatment centres and detox centres to ensure that our clients undergo the safest detoxification and attend the best supported alcohol and drug rehabilitation programmes.