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These Budget Hacks Will Make Your Pet’s Summer the Best Ever  Ryan Goodchild  Oct 2020






















Summertime is fun for all ages and species—especially dogs. But when it comes time to enjoy the season, it’s easy to overblow your budget and forget all about the essentials. Here are all the budget hacks you need to keep your beloved companion safe and happy this season.

Save on Pet Supplies Online

Shopping online is the best way to get deals on supplies. Whether it’s regular staples like dog food or cat litter, or more fun summer items like toys or a new leash, Chewy offers tons of affordable buys. Plus, you can save more by looking for coupons, cash back programs, and Chewy promo code offers online. As a first time Chewy customer, you can even use your shopping to support Companion Connection, which will receive a $20 donation from Chewy after your first order.

Take the First Safety Step

The biggest risk to your animal friend is probably one you don’t think about much: his or her getting lost. But increased time outside this summer means more chances for your companion to make an unexpected escape. For that reason, Companion Connection advises that microchipping your dog or cat is one of the best ways to increase the chances of them being returned to you in case they wander away.

Especially around the holidays—and with fireworks—animals can become jumpy. You can try to ease their stress with treats and white noise, but some may still act erratically. Fortunately, microchipping helps ensure they can get home again if they become lost, and it can usually be done affordably at your vet’s office.

Keep an Eye on Hydration

All animals can easily become dehydrated, even if the temperature feels moderate to humans. Because of this, providing fresh, cool water is the most important aspect of summer care. This can be particularly true with dogs. If they get too hot and become dehydrated, they may suffer from heatstroke, explains Consumer Reports. Know the symptoms and keep an eye on your furry friend when they’re outside in warm weather.

Creating a DIY doggie fountain is a fun way to celebrate the start of summer, and it won’t break your budget, either. Making animal-safe popsicles is another activity you can complete cheaply to keep your dog cool. Ingredients like watermelon, peanut butter, pumpkin, and even chicken can make tasty chilled treats for your best pal.

Focus on Sun Safety

Keeping cats and other small animals out of the sun might be simple. But for dogs—especially those who love walks and playing in the yard—sun safety is essential. Putting up a DIY sail shade can offer respite from the hot sun while playing outside, and it’s an affordable solution.

Some animals, depending on their coat, may also need sunscreen to protect against sunburn. As the American Kennel Club explains, sunscreens that are pet-safe are a great way to protect vulnerable pups. You can also opt for a UPF-protective shirt to keep your dog from licking off sunscreen lotion. Avoid the temptation to shave your companion down to bare skin; thick or long coats may warrant a trim, but only by a professional groomer.

Add Water Fun

Most pups love to spend time in the water, whether it’s swimming in a pool or hopping through sprinklers. You can DIY an inexpensive backyard pet water park with elements like a kiddie pool, sprinkler, and even agility attractions.

Or, if you already have a pool, you can encourage your dog to take a dip by tossing toys in and having a good time together. Of course, for reluctant pups, or those who aren’t strong swimmers, a dog life vest might be a smart investment. Especially if it helps them enjoy summer swims, a life jacket could be the best purchase you make this summer. Further, make sure they know how to get out of the water once they are in.

Whether you’re heading out on the water or staying at home in the backyard this summer, your canine companions can still have a great time. By keeping an eye on your budget—plus checking the boxes for both safety and fun—you can indulge for cheap. Who knows—you and your companions might just have the best summer ever without overspending.

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