What is sponsorship?  It’s a way for you to help the homeless animals of Elgin and the surrounding areas even though you cannot adopt or foster the animals yourself.


Our companion animals are rescues: they have been saved from abandonment, neglect or abuse.  Therefore, many have “special needs” ranging from emotional – needing extra time to get to know you – to dietary needs.  At Companion Connection they get to live out their lives in the sanctuary with plenty of space, fresh food and water, love and attention. 


They are free to roam about their shelter areas rather than being caged.  The cat sanctuary and the dog kennel have protected outside access for all our friends to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air.  It is a different type of environment than the typical shelter, so the animals are happier and therefore, healthier.


It takes about $30 a month for each animal for basic needs such as annual veterinary checkups, food (we give high quality food only), litter and toys.  This does not take into account any overhead such as the air conditioning bill in the summers or heat in the winters. 

It takes an average of $50 a month for special needs kitties.  Donations can be made using our PayPal Donation button.  Just put “For ____” in the comments section and the money will go directly for that cat’s care.


If you could make a donation in any amount to help support one of our sanctuary animals, you will receive a tax deductible receipt.   Please consider sponsoring one of the kitties—they need your support.   Our long-time volunteers can love on most of these cats, but we have found that they just do not adjust to a new in-home environment.   They get so stressed and scared away from home.  They will remain here, loved on by those they know.

Another lazy day at the village.  I enjoy watching the other cats play and such.  Now and then, just to mess with them, I join them.  I’ve learned how good pets and strokes feel.  That’s how I got my name—because I just “beam” when petted. 


Human contact was  a new experience for him since he was part of a large colony (100+ cats) living with an elderly woman that unfortunately passed away.    Slowly, he has learned human touch isn’t so bad and now, he really loves being brushed Beamer is a nice healthy kitty, a bit shy at first, but so many felines are that way.  Just a little patience and he comes around. 


Beamer — Born 11/27/2008  At the sanctuary since  08/27/2009

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." -Mahatma Gandhi-

We are a non profit

organization.  Please make a tax deductible donation today!

Tippy is another cat that came to us when his guardian passed away leaving over 100 cats homeless.  Tippy has learned what human contact is all about.  There are times when he is shy, but other times he rolls over for tummy rubs.  He would learn much quicker when he has his own home and person to love.  We are able to hold him and love on him, but he prefers just wandering around.  He has a leaky left eye that has no reason for doing so, but it has limited his opportunities to be adopted.   

Tippy  - Born 11/27/2008 At the sanctuary since 08/27/2009

Noko  - Born—February 2005  At the sanctuary since 05/27/2010

Yes, Noko is the BIG Black cat here at the village.  He is loving and delights with attention. 

Noko gets along well with all the other cats and minds his manners, but doesn’t put up with sissy stuff.  Noko is a “dude’s cat.”   He loves attention and has been known to put his front paws on my foster meowmy’s chest for strokes. 

Noko was surrendered to Companion Connection when his person could no longer care for him.  He is a very big boy, weighing almost 20 pounds!  He is friendly and really enjoys his head scratched; but you cannot stroke him all the way down his back to the tail.  He can get quite upset if you do.  Noko has become quite bonded with one of our skerals, Taylor. 


In the summer of 2018, Noko lost a lot of weight suddenly and underwent diagnostic endoscopy with stomach and intestine biopsies.  A feeding tube was placed and he was in the ICU care here at Companion Connection.  There was no cancer or other fatal diseases, but he does suffer from IBD and is on injections every other night. 

This beautiful calico is considered to be feral.  She will come up with the others for feeding, but will not allow anyone to touch her.   It takes considerable time and technique to get her into a carrier for her annual vaccines.  But we love her just the same.  How could you not?  She is so beautiful.


April was evicted from her colony when someone new moved into the area.  I promised that she would remain here free from stress and worry.  

April — Born 01/29/2010  At the sanctuary  since  07/17/2010

Cindy—Born 02/27/2009—At the sanctuary since  08/27/2009

Cindy is another of the 18 cats taken in when their guardian passed away leaving over 100 cats homeless.  She appears to be Abyssinian in color and stature.  She is fearful and I am the only one that can (occasionally) pet her.  It takes a quick hand to get her into her carrier for her annual checkup and vaccines. 

Feather—Born—05/03/2011  At the sanctuary since that date.

Feather was born here at the sanctuary.  He is one of four kittens born by Freeda.  Refusing to be completely domestic, we all but gave up on his ever being friendly.  But now he is the first to greet us when we go to the sanctuary.   He enjoys being petted and fawned over as long as you don’t bring a carrier in to the sanctuary!  Veterinary trips are NOT his favorite thing.

Gladys—Born 04/05/2009  At the sanctuary since  08/01/2012

Gladys lost her home when construction began on the feral colony feeding area.  She remained feral until during a routine exam it was discovered she had very bad teeth.  Once her dental was done, she friendlied right up! 


Now, she enjoys being loved on and having her head scratched.  But nope; no holding this girl in your arms.  She wants down! Companion Connection has made the promise to her and her previous colony manager that she may live out her life in the safety and comfort of our sanctuary.

Larissa  - Born 04/11/2008  At the sanctuary since 04/16/2010

Larissa is another girl who lost her home when construction began on the feral colony feeding area.  She is the most difficult to catch for her annual exams.  Companion Connection has made the promise to her and her previous colony manager that she may live out her life in the safety and comfort of our sanctuary.  Yes...she’s a bit overweight.  We try.

Kiki—Born 08/06/2008  At the sanctuary since 08/05/2009

Kiki was a little kitten when taken from a feral colony and neutered.  Hoping he would become social, we took him in and did our best.  However, he just prefers to stand off to the side and watch you.  Now and then, he will mew and raise up to meet your hand for petting.  But he hides when strangers appear.  Kiki suffers with IBD and therefore, requires medication with his evening food. 

Orion—Born 07/28/2008 At the sanctuary since 08/27/2009

Orion is another of the 18 cats taken in when their guardian passed away leaving over 100 cats homeless.  Just this last year, he developed some crystals in his urine, so he is on a special diet.  Over time, Orion has learned that we are all here to serve him and he really likes that!  He has the cutest and tiniest “mew” of all the cats which is adorable considering his size!  He really is a sweetheart and a joy to have around at the sanctuary.

Taylor—Born 02/10/2009 At the sanctuary since 08/27/2009

Taylor came to us when her guardian passed away leaving over 100 cats homeless.  She hid in the rafters for years whenever we came into the sanctuary.  Now, she allows petting from us and the volunteers.  She is very sweet, and we tried her in a home with another cat she knew, but she never would come out from under the bed.  Therefore, she is here as Noko’s best buddy.  They have really become quite bonded.

Freeda came to Companion Connection in 2011 as a pregnant stray.  The woman who had been feeding Freeda was concerned that she could not care for her and new kittens so she called us.  Estimated to be about nine years old, Freeda is a welcome sight every time we go to the sanctuary.  Once she knows the people coming and going, she will greet them with sweet hellos and rubs her head on their feet.  We call this “polishing our shoes.”


She began having some diarrhea issues, so I took her in to EFPC to be checked out.  Seems our girl has developed diabetes!  Such a complete shock!   She is now receiving insulin injections twice a day at the cost of about $75 per month.  This is in addition to her being on a special low carb diet. 



Freeda—Born 11/21/2009  At the sanctuary since 04/21/2011

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As a young kitten, Tara was taken in by Companion Connection.  Soon she was adopted, but they didn’t play with her very much and decided to return her  to Companion Connection.  So, she’s not much on being held but for just a little while, but she would initially be a great couch companion.  She truly is such a sweet girl.  A bit shy at first… but once Tara knows you, she is your friend.  She gives head butts and purrs – especially when it’s wet food time!  She loves her night time wet food.  Such a treat!  Oh!  And she loves to pull on my hair as I clean the sanctuary! 

Tara is available for adoption, but her shyness when at the Petco habitat has kept her at Companion Connection.  She is litter box savvy, has all her vaccines and is microchipped!  Won’t you let her come be your furever companion? 

Tara  -  Born  April 2012

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