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“Ellette Vinyard at Companion Connection provides excellent care for homeless animals in need.  Animals that are not candidates for adoption due to medical issues or other special needs find sanctuary in a home-like atmosphere with their socialization and medical needs met.  Ellette is generous to other rescuers in the area helping in significant ways.  She provides vital support for the care and well-being of Central Texas animals.  The mission statement of Companion Connection states the goal of commitment to ensuring the humane treatment and care of all animals- and truly Companion Connection meets that goal in all respects.  Companion Connection is a model program for a rescue organization upholding the highest standards of care and treatment of animals.” 

Lynne Wooldridge, DARA

Here are some testimonials provided by adopters and others that have worked with Companion Connection!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." -Mahatma Gandhi-

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“Ellette & Jerry Vinyard from Companion Connection have gone above and beyond for my mother and I over the past 4 years. I can not tell you enough good things about the work they do through Companion Connection, because they have done SO MUCH for us, that words would not be enough!


When my mother got sick she had 18 cats in her care. Her health was deteriorating and she was moving into a nursing home, so I had to find new homes for her babies. Companion Connection took in 11 of those babies, cared for them, and found them forever homes. To this day Ellette updates me on how those kitties are, and even sends me pictures of them from time to time.


My mother passed away in March of 2016, and she still had her eldest senior kitty living with her in the nursing home at the time. Ellette and Jerry did not hesitate to take in my mom's 18 year old baby, Squeak. They are still caring for him to this day, even with all of his senior kitty issues.


Companion Connection has been a God send for my family, and I would recommend them to anyone!”


Lisa Shultz, Round Rock Texas

“Companion Connection folks are neighborhood heroes!  My dogs Chip and Mia managed to tunnel out of the yard one afternoon while I was at work and they went on a run around the neighborhood.  I came home to just one dog!  I looked everywhere that evening with no luck in finding Mia.  In the morning, I posted her pictures on and found that she had been taken to my local vet where she was being treated after being hit by a car.  Companion Connection witnessed her being hit and rolling to the side of the road and immediately transported her to the vet.  They also guaranteed funds for her treatment in the case that her owner wasn’t found.  With help from Companion Connection, I was able to bring my dog home and I’m very grateful!”


Jean Brandau, Elgin Texas

18 yr old Squeak

Sweet Mia

“Our three most memorable positive experiences with Companion Connection are:

1.  A darling friendly female calico cat trotted after us and others when we went for morning walks, and appeared to have been abandoned in our community.  We took her to Companion Connection in an effort to find her a good home.  Ellette checked; the cat had been micro-chipped; the adopter had decided she didn’t want the cat and had given her to a friend; the friend wasn’t keen on keeping the cat.  Hence, the cat roamed our community.  Ellette called the first owner, and the couple ultimately reclaimed the wonderful little cat.


2.  A young orange male cat took up residence under a rose bush in our backyard.  We assumed he belonged to someone else.  We later saw neighbors chasing him with brooms and dust mops to keep him from their homes and from outdoor food sources, so we began to feed him.  We didn’t bring him indoors because we didn’t want to risk cat fights or diseases with our indoor only cats.  When winter hit, we made him a bed, but Mango got a nasty eye infection.  Ellette helped with all vet experiences (including follow-ups), and then took Mango to her sanctuary.  When he wasn’t adopted, we brought him here.  He settled in nicely, and is now like a brother to Zak, or older male cat.

3.  We recently decided to adopt a female kitten.  Our two males are big, plump, and have become lethargic since they are indoors 24/7.  We wanted to bring in a bit of life and kitten energy.  Ellette worked tirelessly and went far above and beyond to help us find the perfect little feline to blend into our family.  Gracie has settled in nicely, and the guys have accepted her as a new family member.  She has also become a loving, lively, charming, delightful diversion for all of us, not just Zak and Mango.  We adopted Gracie because we wanted to help Zak and Mango, but it’s turned out that Gracie is a “therapy cat” for all of us, me and my husband, as well.”


Sharon O’Shea, Elgin Texas

Mango & Zac

Gracie & Mango